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Group IMP / EXP International S.A.S has been linked to the agricultural activity for more than 20 years, having specialized in commercial livestock production and, especially, in the development of bovine genetics of high genetic level.

In this context, it has carried out its improvement program in the main vaccines of the country, Angus and Hereford in the Pampean region, and Brangus and Braford in the north of the country.



Our company is dedicated to the commercial production of high quality cattle. With this objective is the improvement of the Angus, Hereford, Brangus and Braford breeds, it is of great importance, with pure detours that are controlled and registered in the official records of each breed (Pedigree, Pure Controlled / Registered / Advanced / Definitive).


The improvement program that we carry out defines as selective objectives the fertility, adaptability, growth potential and carcass conformation. We have a computer program that evaluates both the genotype of the individual and their ancestors, as well as the performance within contemporary groups. We are incorporated into the national genetic evaluation programs carried out by the associations of each race: ERA (Evaluation of Breeders) Angus), PEG (Hereford Genetic Evaluation Program), ErBra (Brangus Breeding Evaluation) and PegBraf (Braford Genetic Evaluation Program).

One of the most prized meats is beef, but many still do not know what is the difference between a veal, beef or beef steak.

When we talk about beef in the meat industry, there are different types of meat classified mainly by their age that you can read on the labeling;

White Veal : (From 0 to 8 months) Known as the white veal, as it has a pinkish color on its flesh due to exclusive breastfeeding, making We find a tender meat, easy to digest with a very mild flavor.

Veal: (Male or female from 8 to 12 months) Beef is the beef with the highest consumption in households, being the most recognized. Its color is redder, thanks to its great contribution of iron, tender texture and a more pronounced flavor than the previous one, it maintains a lot of water and therefore we have a meat with little fat.

Añojo : (Male or female between 12 and 24 months) The yearling meat, continues to be tender and low in fat. Its flavor is more tasty and is more developed due to the age of the animal.

Steer : (Male or female between 24 and 48 months) Its color is redder and its taste more pronounced. Its texture tends to lose tenderness with respect to the aforementioned meats, however the choice of a good cooked makes it exquisite.

Cebón : (Male less than 48 months old) For many meat lovers it is one of the tastiest meats, because of its more pronounced flavor, texture and color.

Greater Vaccine : In this category we find animals older than 48 months, classified by sex. The older female is referred to as cow meat, while the castrated male is Ox, and the bull that is only fighting. They have in common a lower degree of tenderness but an extra contribution of fat that makes them very juicy meats.